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Petra Marinou Winery

Many years ago we decided to occupy ourselves with what has always been tradition and our favorite activity: wine production.

The creation of the organic winery Petra-Marinos took place in 2015 and wine production was a natural process for us ( traditional farming family from Pyli on the island of Kos).

Our great ancestor and doctor of antiquity quotes:
”Wine and honey give the best joy to human beings”
Wine from Kos was widely-known and distinguishable among 150 kinds of wine in Antiquity.


The blessed region of Pyli and Linopotis was full of vineyards in ancient years that according to tradition looked like an alabaster necklace. The climate conditions of the area minimize the illness of the vine plants and as a result the protection of the plants requires small quantities of traditional means like sulphur and cuprum.

The vineyards set an example of refined cultivation showing respect to man and the environment .So one could not think of a better location for the revival of the vineyards of Kos.

Taking into account the quality, the Marinos family produces organic wine of complete process merging tradition with modern-day wine production.

We started setting an important aim: to produce wine that would be distinct for its quality and freshness and to achieve this we put an emphasis on the following:

The long-run historic and family tradition is harmonically blended and along with human inspiration makes the wine culture of our homeland eternal.